This DIY Project Involves Using Old Jeans to Create Denim Lunch Bags

Folks who love to dabble with DIY projects will enjoy these eco-friendly denim lunch bags. To create these chic sacs all that's needed is an old pair of jeans, a belt and the ability to work a sewing machine. This is a great project because everybody outgrows jeans once and a while, and this is a great alternative to just throwing them away.

A blog called Between the Lines is responsible for this clever stitching project, and it recommends that those who attempt to create these denim lunch bags avoid using skinny jeans. While these stylish DIY bags would make great snack bags for those who pack a lunch for work, they could also be used as makeup bags, among other things.

This denim filled DIY project offers fashionistas a great way to recycle their old and unwanted jeans.