Growing Avocado is Made Easy by the Floating AvoSeedo Kit

 - Feb 12, 2015
References: kickstarter
Growing avocado is sometimes seen as a difficult task, but it's quite easy with the right tools. One common mistake of home gardeners is to bury the big pip in the soil, but it's a clean reservoir of water that this fruit really needs.

Daniel Kalliontzis was inspired by the rudimentary but effective practice of skewering and suspending avocado seeds on toothpicks. This method is cheap and accessible, but it requires some technique and careful attention. Where the AvoSeedo succeeds for inexperienced growers is in its user-friendly design. Growing avocado from a pip to a root-sprouting seedling is as easy as placing it in this fruit-shaped cradle in a full glass of water. With a bit of sunlight, this tropical favorite will evolve before your eyes, ready for planting after a couple of months.