This Social Enterprise Will Plant Forests in Super Small Spaces

 - Oct 28, 2014
References: afforestt & fastcoexist
With a mission to bring back the world's forests and repair damage done to Earth before it's too late, one young industrial designer is able to plant forests in a very small amount of space. Shubhendu Sharma applies the concept of the assembly line to make cities greener. Through his company Afforestt, he is able to grow 300-tree forests in the an area the size of six parking spots.

Based out of India, the startup wants to use its extremely efficient model to plant forests all over the world. The amplified but natural growth process created by Japanese scientist Akira Miyawaki involves planting nutrients 3 feet deep into the soil and plotting trees very carefully. The result is a forest so thick you can't walk through it and a sellable service.