From Wireless Irrigation Tools to Crop Mapping Drones

 - May 24, 2015
Through the use of high-tech agricultural innovations, farmers today are better equipped to produce greater quantities of food from smaller and less hospitable plots of land.

Mobile technology in particular has led the way in the field of agricultural innovations. Mobile services are key for many small-scale farmers to help connect them with buyers and to provide them with current market information. Mobile services have not only helped farmers get their products to market, but they have also been influential in connecting farmers with knowledgeable experts who can help them to improve the health of their crops.

These technological advancements have additionally been influential in making agriculture a more environmentally sustainable practice overall. For example, solar power has proven an excellent source of renewable power for green houses in both urban and rural settings. Furthermore, smart irrigation tools have proven useful in monitoring moisture levels to help conserve water resources.

By taking advantage of revolutionary high-tech agriculture innovations, farmers around the world are creating a more profitable and environmentally viable food system.