Sensprout Measures Soil Moisture Levels to Help Farmers Conserve Water

 - May 14, 2015
References: sensprout & indiegogo
Sensprout is a revolutionary irrigation tool designed to make agriculture more efficient by reducing the amount of water used to produce crops. Developed in conjunction with researchers at the University of Tokyo, SenSprout is a wireless field monitoring system that monitors soil conditions and moisture levels in real time, preventing farmers from overusing water or fertilizer on their crops.

Sensprout works by using printed electronic sensors that monitor the conditions of the soil in which it is placed. The built-in LED lights on the device will then change colors to red, blue or green to indicate the level of moisture in the soil. The information provided by Sensprout is invaluable to farmers as it helps to identify only those plants that need additional moisture to prevent wilting.

While many other soil motoring systems are extremely costly, Sensprout offers an affordable and reliable option to farmers around the world. Through the use of this groundbreaking irrigation tool, more farmers will be able to make informed decisions about their water and fertilizer consumption.