GrowCubes Takes Outdoor Farming Into Your Apartment

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: fastcompany
GrowCubes inventor Chris Beauvois has created a device that can take outdoor farming into your own studio apartment. The small device can grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables without soil, sunlight or pesticides. All you need is internet connection and a space big enough to fit a dishwasher. On GrowCubes, Beauvois says that "GrowCubes democratizes agriculture by placing the power to grow back in the hands of individuals and communities."

GrowCubes are a stackable, rotating food systems made for growing plants, fruits and vegetables, literally anywhere. The device can even be used as a storage appliance or together. The indoor machine uses wheels to move plants so they get the maximum amount of light, nutrients and water. The device is not only functional but smart, using the internet to learn what each plant needs, customizing the cube's environment.