The Floating Photochemical Water Treatment Breaks Down Unhealthy Contaminants

While these nanotech lilypads might look like a floating makeup removal pad, the Puralytics LilyPad project is actually a photochemical water treatment product.

Just by floating in water, the solar-powered purifiers can slowly clean entire ponds and decrease water pollution levels. One meter in diameter, the devices were made to address agricultural issues in Mexico. In some areas, Mexican farmers rely on surface water sources like streams to irrigate their crops, which often contain contaminants like E. Coli or pesticides. This poses hazards not just to the farmers, but to those who consume their crops. This photochemical water treatment helps by addressing a range of potential contaminants with one system.

The plastic and nanotech-coated mesh LilyPad, therefore, provides farmers with a clean water source.