From Cellular Network Knapsacks to Sunlight-Sterilized Water Backpacks

In the millennial age, a lot of our technological accessories can be stored in a multipurpose backpack. Backpacks are no longer just for school or for work but can serve a variety of niche purposes. With the back-to-school season on everyone's mind, backpacks may transform from a storage device to an all-encompassing everyday companion.

Vodafone Foundation's 'Network Backpack' has a built-in cell phone tower to ensure you never drop a call or lack cell service. The battery-powered unit can handle up to five calls within a 100 metere radius. The 'PackH2O' is a sunlight-sterilizing water backpack, used in developing countries that lack clean water. The backpack allows users to store clean water after the lining has been left out in the sun to sanitize.

Whether used for tech storage or as a versatile life companion, these multipurpose backpacks marry aesthetics with convenience.