BioCarbon Engineering's Reforestation Plan Includes Multipurpose UAVs

 - May 13, 2015
References: biocarbonengineering & springwise
In an excellent example of how drones can be used for good, this reforestation plan includes flying tree-planting robots. While there are lots of other deforestation-combating initiatives, eco-conscious startup BioCarbon Engineering is using multipurpose drones as a key part of their damage control strategy.

Using the latest automation tech, BioCarbon Engineering hopes to address industrial scale deforestation, which is responsible for the destruction of 26 billion trees a year. This is due to factors like agriculture, lumber, mining and urban expansion.

Precision planting and mapping increases the number of trees they can plant. Their three pronged reforestation plan integrates UAV-enabled mapping, planting and monitoring. This will help them plant one billion trees in one year. In total, the number of trees planted by hand is about 15 billion.