From Measured Spice Packaging to Self-Watering Plant Bags

 - Nov 25, 2015
Functional packaging designs are a clever way to increase the value of any product and the overall customer experience. By incorporating alternative uses into packaging designs, whether related to the product or not, brands can improve product interaction so that the experience is naturalistic and unobtrusive.

In addition to improving the experience of using a product, bonus alternative uses can add unexpected moments of delight for consumers. One such example is the plantable coffee cup designed by 'Reduce Reuse Grow.' The biodegradable cup is embedded with California wildflower seeds and is aimed at benefiting reforestation efforts in the state.

Above all else, functional packaging serves to eliminate all possible barriers to purchase. For example, many packaging concepts include helpful measurement tools built into packaging concepts. For a customer who doesn't own a measuring cup, this could solve a legitimate issue that could prevent a purchase.