This Adaptive Container Features Clip-In Attachments as Dividers

 - Jul 20, 2017
References: thedieline & pinterest
This modular takeaway container from City Food features an adaptive cardboard design to enhance the portability of personalized food orders.

This modular system of meal boxes uses a variety of clip-in containers as attachments, to ensure each customized plate is properly constructed to divide a unique array of ailments. This non-glued folded packaging provides the freedom of manually assembling a container for both salads or desserts alike. The eco-friendly cardboard contains minimal traces of the necessary polyethylene coating to lessen chemical interaction while also remaining leak-proof.

This packaging is adaptive to customers' needs within the fast food industry and is capable of meeting a number of combinations, maximizing usability and functionality. An added benefit of the City Food takeaway system is its transition from transportation vessel to a food tray ready for consumption.