From Moderation-Encouraging Glasses to Wine-Dispensing Purses

 - Dec 23, 2017
These gift ideas for the wine lover include a wide range of alcoholic beverages, accessories, infused food products, and much more.

An example of the latter is the wine-infused caramels from Bissinger's, which allow consumers to combine the flavors of dark chocolate, sea salt, and rich red wine in one bite. In addition, the brand is said to use a 300-year-old recipe to craft its caramel, making for a decadent indulgence that's only enhanced with a glass of wine. To make the pairing easier, the brand includes a guide that recommends the perfect type of wine to enjoy its treats with.

Also included are a number of novelty products that are likely to appeal to the wine lover, like the 'Strike' bowling pin-shaped bottles from Kiko Calvo. To create the unique bottles, the brand wraps the bottles in white and red printed sleeves that are finished off with synthetic wax seals. On the bottom of the bottles, the word "Strike" is included in the shape of a V, like how the pins are arranged in bowling.