Ramona Sparkling Canned Wine is Blended with Natural Grapefruit Flavors

 - Jul 17, 2017
References: drinkramona & uncrate
'Ramona' sparkling canned wine is an organic Sicilian wine blended with natural ruby grapefruit juice.

The packaging of this white wine cooler features a new wave-inspired theme. With bold, punchy, yet feminine motifs, Ramona takes direct inspiration from the 80s. Canned wine was once thought to be out of style and less refined. With Millennial consumers always on the go, canned wine products have experienced a resurgence in popularity. This new wave-inspired brand identity references a time when wine coolers were quite popular, in a modern and aesthetically pleasing way.

This refreshing beverage was created by former 'Momofuku' sommelier Jordan Salcito. She has won numerous awards for her wine program at Momofuku and is a Master Sommelier candidate. For those who prefer a refreshing alternative to beer, this sparkling canned wine is a fantastic on-the-go option.