'Drinks in Tube' Offers Spirits and Wines in Unique Tubes

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: drinksintube & foodbev
Alcohol is often bound by tradition as far as packaging is concerned, which makes an innovation like the one offered by 'Drinks in Tube' all the more striking.

Most types of alcohol come in one or two prescribed packages: spirits come in bottle, beer comes in bottles or cans, and so on. Even wine, which has experienced some packaging disruption, is still more or less limited to bottles or boxes. Drinks in Tube offers both wine and spirits in a totally different package. As its name suggests, the liquids come in cylindrical glass tubes with just the right amount for a single serving.

The single-serving concept is part of the draw for Drinks in Tube. The format makes the company's beverages ideal as gifts, as one can give a luxurious, fine spirit or wine without having to commit to an entire bottle.