The Waitrose Drinks Festival Introduces Consumers to New Products

In an effort to show off its new selection of wines, beers, and spirits, the British supermarket chain Waitrose has brought back the Waitrose Drinks Festival for the second year in a row. Set to be held in November of 2017, the event gives consumers a unique way to discover new products.

Unlike the kinds of beer and wine festivals that are geared towards millennials and younger drinkers, the Waitrose Drinks Festival is a more sophisticated affair. Instead of drinking games and live music, the festival features masterclasses, demonstrations, workshops, and sessions with award-winning experts. This allows customers to sample and learn about the latest wines, beers, ciders, and spirits in a more informative and hands-on environment.

With the emphasis squarely on education and less on creating a party atmosphere, the Waitrose Drinks Festival is perfect for older consumers who want to discover new drinks.