Underwood Re-Imagines Canned Wines for a Chic Audience

 - Jul 10, 2017
References: unionwinecompany & fastcodesign
You can now get your Pinot Noir or Rosé fix with more efficiency and less judgement with the Underwood can, which reimagines canned wines with a chic branding that appeals to a laid-back Millennial audience.

The wine lovers at Union Co. Wine are the largest producers of the alcoholic beverage in Oregon. Staying true to the inclusive and casual nature of Oregon, the company wanted to make great wine that wasn't snobby. The message behind its Underwood can is simple: this wine doesn't need cork screws or a decanter, as it can be tossed in a backpack, taken to the park and cracked open like a cold beer. This wine represents convenience instead of class -- a new mindset synonymous with a younger generation that is seeking inclusiveness and adventure.