'The Lift' Dish Rack Offers a Place for Every Kitchen Item

 - Sep 12, 2017
References: amazon & yankodesign
Everyone's dishes are different, yet most dish racks feature the same static design, which is why Kohler crafted 'The Lift,' a simple and expandable dish rack that offers homeowners endless flexibility.

An upward-rising bar creates two levels. The lower level is imagined to house larger items like cooking trays or casserole dishes, while the upper level is ideal for holding plates and bowls. Embedded grooves run both horizontally and vertically, making for easy stacking. Various flexible compartments can be accessed on the sides of the tray as well, providing a space for cutlery, as well as a rack that allows one to hang stemware, such as delicate wine glasses.

In addition to its individual compartments, The Lift also comes equipped with a "water channel" that guides the runoff water into the sink, eliminating a slippery counter top mess.