Yorkshire Crisps' Upscale Flavor Was Inspired by Fish and Chips

 - Sep 13, 2017
References: yorkshirecrisps & barmagazine
Alongside flavors like Sweet Cured Ham & Pickle and Roast Lamb & Mint in its gourmet crisps range, Yorkshire Crisps is expanding its offerings with an all-new flavor that takes cues from the sea. Specifically, Yorkshire Crisps was inspired by a rise in fish and chips snacks and sought to put its own unique spin on this idea. As a result, Yorkshire Crisps is now making 'Oyster, Chilli & Lemon' hand-cooked crisps. In its 11-piece snack range, this is the first fish-inspired flavor.

The Chilli & Lemon Yorkshire Crisps are made with locally grown potatoes and only all-natural flavorings, without MSG and GMO ingredients.

When it comes to pairing its unique snack crisps with other foods, Yorkshire Crisps recommends "a chilled glass of white wine or Prosecco."