- Jul 5, 2019
Consumers who are interested in the adaptogenic properties of medicinal mushrooms are purchasing a wide variety of mushroom snacks that help to reinvent everything from granola bars to chips and jerky with functional health benefits and unique flavor experiences.

While a number of brands are now introducing savory mushroom chips as a better-for-you alternative to crispy potato chips, some snack producers are also fusing fruit and mushroom flavors. Examples of this can be seen in Unframed Ice Cream's marmalade and mushroom ice cream, as well as No Evil Foods' plant-based jerky alternative with a cherry flavor and B.O.S.S. Superfood Bars with shiitake mushrooms and berries. Another kind of popular mushroom-infused snack includes chocolate bars do away with the guilt of eating sweets by touting health-boosting properties.

From Adaptogenic Chocolate Bars to Umami Mushroom Chips: