NUDE Chocolate Combines Antioxidant-Rich Chocolate & Reishi

 - Jun 18, 2019
References: eatnudebars & prnewswire
NUDE Chocolate is a new company that is introducing itself to the world with antioxidant-rich adaptogenic chocolates that are beneficial for the mind, body and soul. The luxurious dark chocolates build upon the natural antioxidant properties of the product with medicinal Reishi mushrooms and other carefully chosen herbs to promote health and happiness.

The enhanced luxury chocolate products are made with a base of a 70% dark chocolate cacao blend that's enriched with different ingredients depending on the intended function of the bar. While NUDE Chocolate's MIND bar boasts blueberry and hibiscus to encourage clarity and focus, BODY blends strawberry and rose, while SOUL shares the taste of lavender and raspberries to boost balance and alignment.

NUDE Chocolate is a new venture from Netflix actor Matthew Postlethwaite, entrepreneur Scott Postlewaite and television actor and producer Mike C. Manning.