- Jul 21, 2019
The July 2019 health trends aim to improve one's overall wellbeing across multiple angles, including mental health, physical health, and more. There are both products and services that work together to achieve better health, whether it be incorporated into a day-to-day lifestyle item, food recipes, or more.

One of the examples include the connected meditation cushions designed by Aduri. It emits subtle haptic vibrations to aid users in syncing their breath accordingly in order to reach deep focus. It also respectfully adapts to each users' posture, which gives it a sense of personalization as well. Another great health trend this month is the Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit, which relieves pain caused by arthritis, repetitive tasks, and more. It adds pressure to the specific points on the hand to activate blood flow to soothe tension.

From Connected Meditation Cushions to Special Hand Therapy Devices: