Floyd's of Leadville Launches CBD Gems in Fruity Flavors

Floyd's of Leadville Launched CBD Gems that are perfect for those looking to unwind this summer. Floyd's of Leadville is a company specializing in Hemp CBD that uses a leading edge extraction process.

The CBD Gems includes doses of 10mg - 25mg of CBD. These portable treats come packaged individually, in fives, and in tens, allowing users to experiment with different flavors and doses. CBD combats many common problems such as muscle aches, tiredness, and inflammation. Moreover, it promotes a more restful and deeper sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed. CBD is entirely natural and has also been shown to reduce anxiety without giving users a high that's associated with marijuana. The THC-free candy is available in strawberry, blue raspberry, green apple, and cotton candy flavors.

Image Credit: Floyd's of Leadville