Veggiecraft Farms Makes Gluten-Free, Vegetable-Based Pasta Products

Health-conscious consumers looking to bolster their diets with more plant-based protein are turning to better-for-you versions of comfort food like vegetable-based pasta. As such, many brands have introduced veggie noodles and gluten-free pasta alternatives made with everything from black beans to chickpeas. Now, Veggiecraft Farms is introducing a satisfying an innovative new option in the form of its Cauliflower Pasta.

The brand's spaghetti and penne are made with clean and simple ingredients: lentil flour, cauliflower flour and pea flour. Thanks to this unique trio of ingredients, the vegan-friendly and gluten-free pasta products share 14 grams of protein.

On top of being able to place a one-time order of the Veggiecraft Farms pasta boxes, consumers can also opt for a money-saving regular subscription to keep a healthy supply of Cauliflower Pasta coming to their doorstep.