From Ramen-Flavored Chips to Cereal-Flavored Donuts

 - Aug 27, 2017
Whether it is potato chips that taste like ramen noodles or frozen donuts inspired by sugary cereals, the August 2017 food product trends highlight the ongoing demand for hybrid food products and unique flavor combinations.

When it comes to savory treats, there is no limit to the amount of creative flavor combinations available to consumers. For instance, Lay's is now offering its popular kettle chips in an Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor. Similarly, Totino's beloved Pizza Rolls now come in a Mac and Cheese with Bacon variety.

On the sweet side, the August 2017 food product trends reveal an equally unusual medley of flavors and ingredients. This includes hot chocolate-flavored stroopwafel cookies, Cake Rolls stuffed with s'mores filling and cinnamon bun-inspired cereal.