The Annie's Organic Cheese Puffs are a Wholesome Snack Choice

 - Jul 12, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Crunchy cheese snacks are a favorite amongst many different consumer demographics, so the new Annie's Organic Cheese Puff Snacks are intended to provide a more healthful option to pick up. The organic snacks come in two options including Annie's Organic White Cheddar Bunny Tail Puffs and the Organic Cheddar Cheesy Puffs. Each one is certified organic and is free of artificial flavors, preservatives and synthetic colors to make them a far healthier version of other options on the market.

The Annie's Organic Cheese Puff Snacks offer a satisfying crunch and are baked not fried with a recipe that features real ingredients such as whole grains and cheese. The snack puffs are also free from GMO ingredients to round them off as a wholesome snack option for the entire family to munch on.