Lark Ellen Farm's Trail Mix Bags Boast Flavors Like 'Cumin Crunch'

While most trail mix bags are filled with an assortment of nuts, seeds and dried fruit chunks, Lark Ellen Farm is offering an alternative to this with its savory trail mix products.

The brand offers flavors like 'Cumin Crunch,' which is made up of a blend of raw almonds, cashews, pepitas, raisins, lime juice and spice. As an alternative to using dried fruit pieces, Lark Ellen Farm also integrates vegetables like kale into its Chili Lime and Kale variety. As well as being free from gluten, these alternative trail mixes are friendly to both Paleo and vegetarian consumers.

As more consumers acquire a taste for experimental eating, brands are reformatting familiar snacks with remixed spicy, sweet, salty or savory flavors.