From Vegan Lipsticks to Protein-Rich Gummy Candies

 - Dec 24, 2017
Gifts for the vegetarian this holiday range from products that are not ingested but that often contain animal byproducts, as well as treats that vegetarians and vegans normally have to avoid.

An example of the former is the Malaysian brand Velvet Vanity, which offers high-quality, cruelty-free, vegan cosmetic products. The brand, which ships to a select few countries around the world, was created in response to the rise of vegan lifestyles — which have not yet been met with enough makeup brands adopting vegan-friendly production processes.

Most popular gummy bears on the market contain gelatin, an ingredient that is derived from the skin and bones of animals — but the Herbaland brand offers Vegan Protein Gummies that avoid gelatin and contain a significant amount of protein, fiber, and very little sugar — making them perfect as stocking stuffers for vegans and vegetarians.