Mean Vegan Products' Tamales Feature Jackfruit in Place of Pork

Traditionally, tamales are made with a center of pork with masa or dough that is steamed in a corn husk or a banana leaf—Mean Vegan Products makes vegan tamales as a plant-based alternative.

True to their name, Mean Vegan Products' Vegan Jackfruit Tamales have jackfruit at their center as a flavorful meat substitute, as it absorbs flavor and boasts a texture that pulls like shreds of meat. As such, the product is described as having a "meaty texture" that is especially appealing to "'flexitarians' and those who are making a transition to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle."

As well as opting to replace pork with jackfruit, Mean Vegan Products also opted to make its stone-ground corn masa without corn flour. As well as being free from meat and cheese, the vegan tamales are also made without gluten, dairy and soy.