The New EOS Crystals are Packed with Five Nourishing Oils

With cooler temperatures only a few months away, EOS is helping consumers prevent chapped lips with its new EOS Crystals. Made from organic ingredients and packed with nourishing oils, the new lip balms offer an ultra-hydrating take on the beloved beauty staple.

Instead of the waxy-looking spheres that many associate with EOS balms, the new EOS Crystals boast a transparent, jelly-like formula. The weightless new formula is completely wax-free and is bursting with five nourishing oils for maximum hydration. The formula is also hypoallergenic and vegan for those looking for a more natural lip balm option.

Available in a Hibiscus Peach and a Vanilla Orchid variety, the new EOS Crystals are the ultimate beauty accessory for cooler weather.