'Beyond the Shoreline' Makes Plant-Based Jerky from Seaweed

 - Oct 4, 2017
References: beyondtheshoreline.co & vegnews
Beyond the Shoreline is launching a line of plant-based jerky products that are made with a base of seaweed.

For the making of the snacks, kelp is blanched, frozen, defrosted and then combined with other ingredients like mushrooms, as well as monk fruit for a touch of sweetness and nutritional yeast seasoning. At this stage, the plant-based jerky snacks undergo a few more steps before they are dehydrated and packaged for snacking. Beyond the Shoreline's seaweed snacks are being launched in three flavors: BBQ, High Thai’d, and Sea Salt.

As a growing number of consumers look to integrate more fruits and vegetables into their diets, traditional junk food snacks like salty meat jerky is being reinvented with entirely plant-based ingredients. Other brands are also experimenting with creating jerky strips with everything from coconut and watermelon to mushrooms.