- Dec 25, 2017
In the classic Hasbro board game 'Candy Land', players vie to be the first to reach the lost king of Candy Land, King Kandy, and restore candy to all the good Candy Landians, but thanks to these candy-crazy gifts, everyone and anyone can get themselves something sweet. No matter one's personal preference, be it hot or cold, chewy or crunchy, there's sure to be a confection that will be appealing to every sweet tooth.

Many modern candy conglomerates are continuing to find way to change up their offerings, with some classic candy brands getting new flavors and formats. Skittles is notorious for offering interesting flavors in limited release, as are M&M's. Seasonal treats are a common option, with both those brands releasing holiday-themed candies.

Not all candies improve with change, though. For those with a taste for the candies of days gone by, the Nostalgic Candy Club subscription box offers different candy that's no longer available on the market.

From Chewy Candy Popsicles to Donut-Flavored Sandwich Cookies: