The Mentos Matcha Candies are Made with Real Green Tea Ingredients

 - Jun 5, 2017
References: en.rocketnews24
The new Mentos Matcha candies are the latest flavor from the brand that's available exclusively in Japan and features a distinctive taste that is infused with real green tea. The candies are made with a three-layer structure that is reported to start with a hard candy outer shell that then dissolved to reveal the matcha flavor within that blends seamlessly with the sweetness. This helps the candies to be perfectly balanced and a true example of a bittersweet candy to enjoy.

The Mentos Matcha candies are branded with distinct imagery to make them fit well into the Japan market with patterns and pictures that convey the quality nature of the treat. The new Mentos candies are set to be available at stores across the country starting on June 12.