- Aug 16, 2018
This list of cookie desserts aims to exhibit the way, in which a single business can become an integral part of its industry. Oreo has proven that it is accessible to young and old audiences. The creamy texture of the filling, combined with the crispiness of the biscuit, makes this sandwiched treat an incredibly popular indulgence.

It is certain that Oreo does not shy away from experimentation and the countless flavourful innovations are a testimony to that. The business taps into a variety of categories to provide the most interest-provoking cookie desserts. Recently, Oreo launched branded mooncake reinterpretations to go with the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival in some parts of Asia.

Furthermore, cookie desserts, pies, ice creams and even candies make use of the Oreo product for their own creations, which ultimately works in favor of both brands.

From Cookie-Stuffed Waffle Cones to Candy Bar-Infused QSR Pies: