Post is Now Making Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy! Cereals

Post is introducing two cookie-inspired cereals that will delight those with a sweet tooth and especially those with a soft spot for Chips Ahoy! and Nutter Butter cookies.

While the Post Chips Ahoy! cereal offers a fun way to indulge in the taste of a classic chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, the Post Nutter Butter cereal features crunchy peanut-shaped pieces that are topped with a creamy coating made with real peanut butter. In the coming days, both cereals will be made available to consumers online and in stores exclusively through Walmart.

After introducing Oreo O's in 1998 and discontinuing them nine years later, Post, as of 2017, has now resumed production indefinitely for one of its most popular cookie-inspired cereals. The all-new Post Chips Ahoy! and Post Nutter Butter varieties will only be offered by Walmart until April 1st, 2018, after which they will be available through other retailers.