From Caffeinated Chocolate Yogurts to Moisturizing Cocoa Masks

 - Dec 2, 2017
From indulgent desserts to cocoa-flavored cosmetics, these gifts for chocoholics are sure to satisfy in more ways than one.

For the chocoholic in your life who loves to sample new varieties, there are plenty of unique and unexpected chocolate-infused treats to pick up. Some tasty examples include Barry Callebaut's millennial pink-hued Ruby Chocolate, Compartes' creamy AVOCADO Chocolate Bar, and Little Rebellion's chocolate-dipped Rice Rounds.

However, a true love of chocolate does not simply stop at edible treats. Indeed, there are plenty of non-edible gifts for chocoholics that serves as equally indulgent options. For instance, the cult beauty brand Too Faced has a new Chocolate Gold line that boasts the subtle scent of cocoa for a multisensory makeup experience.