Creighton's 'Cosmic Cocoa Hot Chocolate' Comes with Edible Glitter

As an alternative to the many run-of-the-mill hot chocolate mixes on the market, Creighton's is introducing something different this holiday season with its Cosmic Cocoa Hot Chocolate.

The two-piece hot chocolate set includes a bottle of hot chocolate powder, as well as a vial of edible stardust that may be sprinkled over top of the warming beverage. As the set is made with cocoa powder, it is dairy-free and a suitable option for vegans.

This year, with the rise of snacks and beverages inspired by mystical creatures like mermaids and unicorns, this hot chocolate kit is sure to be a hit, especially since it will make people of all ages feel like a wizard brewing up something delicious in a cauldron. In line with this demand for magically inspired goods, Creighton's also sells 'Edible Cosmos' and 'Unicorn Food.'