Our Little Rebellion's Mini Rice Cakes are Covered in White Chocolate

Out Little Rebellion's Rice Rounds introduce mini rice cakes that are dipped to add an extra level of indulgence to the snack. The new non-GMO, certified gluten-free snacks are offered in a range of flavors that include options like: White Fudge Dipped with Rice & Cocoa and Fudge Dipped with Brown Rice & Ancient Grains.

As rice cakes are often seen as a healthy snack base that can be topped with a number of different ingredients, these Rice Rounds offer a convenient alternative to making one's own flavorful options at home.

Although chocolate, fudge and cocoa are some of the main features of the snacks, these decadent additions seem to be balanced out as permissible indulgences with other inclusions like ancient grains and brown rice.