- May 28, 2019
From dark chocolate dessert hummus to salsa verde hummus, these examples of hybrid hummus snacks highlight the rampant innovation currently being driven by the healthful obsession with chickpeas and its beloved spread product.

First off, Lilly's Hummus is an all-natural brand that last year launched a sweet hummus Inspired by everyone's favorite fall classic: pumpkin pie. The unique crossover flavor is a great example of a midway point between a conventional hummus dish and the range of new dessert hummuses.

A unique fusion dish, Sabra's Salsa Verde Hummus is a delicious combination of green salsa and hummus that truly expands the dish into new territory. In addition to the infusion of zesty ingredients like jalapeños, cilantro and lime, the Salsa Verde Hummus also introduces a new texture to a basic hummus spread that is sure to delight.

A great example of the progression toward dessert hummus, the Dark Chocolate Hummus made by Boar's Head is ideal for pairing with berries and other fruits, as well as cookies, crackers and pretzels.

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