This Greek-Style Yogurt Boasts a Creamy Cocoa and Coffee Compote

 - Mar 22, 2017
As an alternative to coffee-flavored yogurts, The Collective Great Dairy produces a sophisticated Greek-style yogurt with a flavorful compote of coffee and chocolate.

The 'Coffee + Cacao Scoff'r' is an all-natural, calcium- and protein-rich product that boasts a base of creamy whole milk. In the same way that many yogurt products are produced with fruit on the bottom, this one from The Collective Great Dairy boasts the same format, but with a decadent dessert-inspired compote that sits at the bottom of the 150-gram container until stirred.

With the rising popularity of global coffee culture and in particular, cold-brewed coffee beverages, many consumers who frequent cafes are looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite on-the-go drink flavors in the the form of portable foods that can effortlessly be taken anywhere for snacking.