The Fourth & Heart Chocti Ghee Spreads are Lactose and Nut-Free

 - Sep 16, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The Fourth & Heart Chocti Ghee Spreads come as a new line from the brand that will deliver a flavorful treat to enjoy on your choice of food. Coming as an alternative to a cup of coffee, the spreads are nut-free, lactose-free and are made with premium ingredients to ensure that they are as natural as possible.

Traditional products from all over the world are gaining more popularity in adjacent markets given the continued globalization of the food market. This is evident with the new Fourth & Heart Chocti Ghee Spreads that are formulated to be a tasty treat that introduces those who might not be familiar with ghee to the spread with flavors that are light, sweet and suitable in a wide variety of dishes.