From Limited Edition Cherry Beers to Baseball-Branded Concrete

 - Oct 28, 2017
These October 2017 branding trends incorporate a wide range of products that make use of innovative marketing techniques to peak consumer interest in order to drive sales.

A number of the examples that are included show that convenience-focused packaging can make all the difference when it comes to revitalizing a product, such as the Mariani Nut Company's 'Snack Almond Packs.' The packs come in two variations to suit different tastes: one that's plain, and another that's full of roasted nuts that are covered in sea salt. Although the product itself is nothing new, the Mariani Nut Company's appealing packaging and serving size make it easy for consumers to grab and go.

Also featured in these October 2017 branding trends is 'Coca-Cola Coffee Plus,' a limited edition beverage that can only be found in vending machines in Japan. Half soda and half coffee, the beverage provides a boost of energy with the 34mgs of caffeine that are in each can.