The SpikedSeltzer Drinks are Made with Cold-Pressed Fruit Essence

 - Sep 13, 2017
References: spikedseltzer & uncrate
The SpikedSeltzer drinks are a line of cocktails that are formulated to be a refreshing, effervescent option that's an alternative to beer and sugar-laden coolers. The canned cocktails come in four flavor options including Indian River Grapefruit, Cape Cod Cranberry and West Indies Lime, which are all made with cold-pressed fruit essence to keep the recipe as natural as possible.

The SpikedSeltzer drinks contain just six grams of carbs per serving, have a 6% ABV and are also gluten-free for those who avoid certain libations for dietary reasons.

It has been reported by many brands that popularity of beer and calorie-rich cocktails is dwindling as consumers seek out lighter options that won't contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. The SpikedSeltzer cocktails are an example of how brands are responding with natural options that are permissible for restrictive consumers.