From Hangover Prevention Shots to Wine-Infused Milkshakes

 - Oct 28, 2017
October 2017 alcohol trends include products that try to prevent the dreaded hangover, as well as infusions of alcohol in traditionally non-alcoholic food and beverage items.

An example of the former is Riley&Riley, which is a newfound company that seeks to cure hangovers in those seeking to avoid them. The product comes in beverage form and contains vitamins, caffeine, amino acids and "hydration salts," that work as a healthy alternative to the greasy breakfasts most people turn to the morning after drinking.

An example of the latter is Shake Shack's Jack & Karen Milkshake, which contains a blend of frozen strawberry custard and Prosecco, along with toppings like whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and raspberry dust.