Trader Joe's Launched a Sweet and Sour Calamansi Drink

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: traderjoes
Trader Joe's recently launched a unique Calamansi drink that offers a sweet and sour citrus taste.

Calamansi is a fruit native to Southeast Asia that was created as a hybrid of the mandarin orange and kumquat, making it a popular addition to Asian sauces, drinks and sometimes even beauty products. Trader Joe's Calamansi Cooler is said to have the taste of limeade, but with more of "a tangy, floral twist." To create this unique beverage, Calamansi purée is combined with water. To enjoy, the brand recommends chilling it and serving it over ice, making it into popsicles or even using it as a flavorful cocktail base.

Although the Calamansi fruit is one of the most ubiquitous citrus fruits in the Philippines, North American consumers are only just beginning to see it as an emerging ingredient in packaged food and beverage products.