From Turmeric Coffee Creamers to Espresso Subscriptions

 - Dec 10, 2017
Gifts for coffee lovers this holiday season go far beyond traditional coffee machines and mugs, with brands offering everything from spicy additions to the classic beverage, to coffee-based subscriptions.

An example of the former is Laird Superfood's Turmeric Creamer, which is made from turmeric, sea algae, coconut and red palm oils and coconut milk powder. The vegan creamer can be added to coffee to significantly enhance both its flavor and its nutritional value.

An example of the latter is the Italian brand La Marzocco's espresso subscription, called La Marzocco Home. The subscription service was made for coffee aficionados who would like to experiment with making the perfect cup of espresso at home – with the brand encouraging subscribers to "tinker and test" with its products.