The National Geographic 'Coffees of the World' are 100% Organic

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The National Geographic 'Coffees of the World' is a new line of coffee blends that have been created in collaboration with the namesake brand and the roaster White Coffee. The new coffee lineup is made using only 100% organic varieties of beans that come in four blend varieties including Rain Forest, Sumatra, African and Peruvian. The coffees are set to be available in 10 ounce bags as well as the K-Cup-compatible BioCup that has been created by White Coffee.

Consumers have become acutely aware of how the items they purchase can affect the lives of those domestically and around the world, which is seeing many opt for Fair Trade and organic alternatives. The National Geographic 'Coffees of the World' lineup is an example of how brands are creating options using familiar brand names to convey worth and authenticity to the average consumer.