From Vacation-Themed Office Spaces to Zero-Waste Grocery Stores

 - Oct 29, 2017
In the world of business, innovation and new strategies are essential for staying ahead of the pack, and the October 2017 business trends shows that companies are doing just that. Small businesses and the traditional giants alike are finding ways to stay on the cutting edge and to make consumers look to them for their needs.

Small businesses are often the best place to look when it comes to hunting down the latest innovations in the field, because the little guys have almost nothing to lose. YOURFITTINGROOM, for example, lets consumers turn their homes into fitting rooms akin to retail stores, with staff coming to consumers' homes at a designated time and eliminating the slowness of ordering clothing then sending that clothing back all through the mail.

Though the big brands have a larger infrastructure that makes it more difficult to implement large-scale changes, they also have the power and money to innovate. CVS, for example, has created a vending machine that sells its products in areas beyond its standard retail locations.