'Simply Goodwill' Offers Shoppers a More Traditional Approach

 - Sep 16, 2017
References: goodwillvalleys & countryliving
'Simply Goodwill' is a concept store trialing in Roanoke, Virginia, that uses the brand's former floor plan to offer consumers lower prices.

To cater to its growing consumer base, thrift stores like Goodwill began focusing on more convenience-driven business models, which was accomplished through properly tagging, sizing, categorizing and organizing the assortment of clothing. With this new layout, came an increase in employee labor, and subsequently, an increase in the store's prices. Although the department store-like format was appealing to many consumers, longtime Goodwill shoppers missed the more traditional approach to thrift shopping.

Simply Goodwill responds to this consumer concern by assigning standard prices according to categories, as opposed to individually pricing the items. Although slightly more chaotic, the concept store eliminates employee labor associated with store organization, offering the low prices that longtime shoppers were accustomed to.