From In-Store Sneaker Creators to Smiling Payment Systems

 - Oct 28, 2017
From in-store sneaker creators to smiling payment systems, the October 2017 retail trends demonstrate that brands are making a major push to personalize the in-store shopping experience.

One way in which brands are making their stores a destination for consumers is by offering hands-on experiences that cannot be enjoyed online. For instance, Nike unveiled a new in-store sneaker creation tool called the Nike Makers Experience that allows consumers to make custom footwear on the spot. A similar example is Muji's Aroma Bar, which was staffed with experts who helped customers put together the perfect fragrance for their home.

However, this personalized experience isn't just limited to the products consumers are buying, but also the way that they are buying them. One perfect example of this phenomenon highlighted by the October 2017 retail trends is the case of KFC China's Smile to Pay system, which uses facial recognition software to process each customer's payment.