Amazon's Acquisition of Whole Foods Has Already Seen Big Results

 - Sep 12, 2017
References: bloomberg & bloomberg
When Amazon acquired Whole Foods, the ecommerce giant further established itself as being on the forefront of the retail industry. The simple yet significant changes it has made to the Whole Foods brand thus far have already been making an observable difference.

Since its conception, Whole Foods has been known for its high-quality foods that are exceptionally expensive, making most consumers turn to more affordable grocers that offer essentially the same products, with less luxury branding associated with them. As soon as Amazon acquired Whole Foods, it sought to attract more consumers by cutting the prices of many of its products by up to 50 percent, making headlines in the retail industry.

Now, the effects of those price slashes are beginning to show, with the resulting surge of publicity and increased accessibility of these products creating a customer traffic boost of 25 percent for the luxury grocer.